9. September 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki new single "Terminal" and Plug Air "XOXO"

Hey guys,

I didn't belive it would happen, but Ayumi Hamasaki brings out a new single "Terminal" and a Plug Air Single with the song "XOXO".
I'm really surprised that this happen. But I'm really happy. So I need to buy "Terminal" as a physical Single \(^o^)/

I wished, ayu would put the english version as well on the single.

I'ts kinda sad, that XOXO will not have a beautiful single cover. And I'm kinda sad, that "Terminal" has only one CD version. But it's a long wished A-Side Single *-* OMG I'M SO F*****NG HAPPY ABOUT THIS SINGLE~
I think XOXO would be better, if it has a physical version too. I think with this as a single ayu could do so much more. Whats your opinion?

I want to show you the new ayu logo for the plug air as well.

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