25. August 2014

Miliyah Kato new Single with Izumi Nakasone from HY

Today I got the news that Miliyah Kato brings out a new single. It's a collaboration with Izumi Nakasone from HY. The single will be called "You..." On her official webside you can hear some seconds of the song. 

The single comes out on September third and will be in two versions. A Limited Edition and a Regular Edition.

CD Tracklist
YOU... feat. Izumi Nakasone (HY)
Lonely Hearts (T.O.M. Remix)
SAYONARA Baby (Nao Tanaka Remix) (SAYONARAベイベー)
YOU... feat. Izumi Nakasone (Instrumental)
DVD Tracklist
YOU... -Music Video-

Limited Edition
Regular Edition
I'm really excited to the new songs. What about you?

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