16. September 2014

KODA KUMI NEW Song and PV! 「Dance In The Rain」

Hey guys
Some good news were arrived on my Facebook Page.
Koda Kumi will release a new song and a PV for it. The text is from a Fanpage from Italy I copied.

"Kumi Koda, who has been active energetically and taking the challenges for cutting-edge creativity, is now have produced "Experience-based 360-degree Music Video" with cutting-edge technology “Oculus Rift” and “3D Sound” featuring her unreleased number, “Dance In The Rain”.
The production will debut and be showing at TENT LONDON, one of the largest design trade shows held in London, UK, from September 18 to 21.
This aggressively challenging creation, which suggest us the future of music and entertainment, will proudly return home and also be showing at TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK from October 25 to November 3 in Tokyo after its London debut.
I am living in London at the moment and I'll do my very best to gather as much information as I can, stay tuned! SO EXCITED!!

I hope we will see a lot and maybe Kuuchan is coming to London

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