25. August 2014

Miliyah Kato new Single with Izumi Nakasone from HY

Today I got the news that Miliyah Kato brings out a new single. It's a collaboration with Izumi Nakasone from HY. The single will be called "You..." On her official webside you can hear some seconds of the song. 

The single comes out on September third and will be in two versions. A Limited Edition and a Regular Edition.

CD Tracklist
YOU... feat. Izumi Nakasone (HY)
Lonely Hearts (T.O.M. Remix)
SAYONARA Baby (Nao Tanaka Remix) (SAYONARAベイベー)
YOU... feat. Izumi Nakasone (Instrumental)
DVD Tracklist
YOU... -Music Video-

Limited Edition
Regular Edition
I'm really excited to the new songs. What about you?

21. August 2014

ayumi hamasaki a-nation 2014 goods

Today the a-nation goods of ayumi hamasaki are out \(^o^)/

I really like the logo of ayus a-nation show. 

I'm really in love with the Uchiwa and I want them both.

I hope we can get a new single. And the cover are from the same shoot as the uchiwa x3.

18. August 2014


Hello guys~

New news from Koda Kumi. I'm so happy about THAT news~


Today, we have special news for you.
Guess what? For all of you who cheer loudly for Koo-chan from around the world, the overseas fan club has launched!!

You can view not only Koo-chan’s blog that appears in Playroom, the Japanese mobile fan club, but also her personal outfit and the staff blog on the overseas fan club website!
Also, the newsletter for members of the other fan club, Koda-Gumis, will become an E-book!
There will be lots of exciting things available such as official goods that only fan club members can purchase!

Koo-chan’s video message for overseas fans has already arrived.
Became a member right now and check it out!!


It only costs about 18€ a year. I hope I can get fast my credit card. And then I will register hihi.
How about you?

9. August 2014


Hey guys

On monday I go for 7 days on vacation with my friend. 
We drive with the bus. It's unusual for Germans to drive with the bus, most of the German drive with the own car or with the train. 
We drive from Rostock to Bremen, where my dad waits for us. I'm so happy to see him and my granny again since Easter (≧∇≦)/

We will do some day trips to the North Sea and to the Netherlands. I try to make some photos and will show them to you (^-^)/

Today I got some very special CDs for me.
The second album of Koda Kumi "grow into one" and the single "yume no uta/ futari de...", the second album of Miliyah Kato "Diamond Princess" and the first best of album of Ai Otsuka "AI am BEST".
Now I'm watching the DVD of the best of album. There are the first ten Singles on it. And there is no song I don't like. And Aichin is soooooo cute~
The most I was happy about, was the single of Koda Kumi. I really love futari de... and it's only on the single. And it's with DVD so I can watch the PV and the making of.

The item on AI am BEST is a stamp. It's the sign of "AI".
Now I have some music for my trip.

I wish you a happy and sunny week. See you ~