23. Juli 2015

TA Limited PREMIUM PREVIEW~sixxxxxx~

Today Ayumi Hamasaki did post something very special on her official homepage.
It's a preview listening of『sixxxxxx』.
As a TeamAyu member you can win a ticket for that event which will held on July 26th.

Here is the english text from the official homepage.

"TeamAyu Advanced Trial Listening event "TA Limited PREMIUM PREVIEW-sixxxxxx-" will be held!!

NEW ALBUM "sixxxxxx" will be finally released on August 5th!
I know you are very excited about it after some of music videos are already revealed!!

The album has the best of the best songs, so the Advanced Trial Listening event "TA Limited PREMIUM PREVIEW-sixxxxxx-" will be held for you!
You can listen to all songs in 32-bit float/48KHz high resolution which ayu listens to during recordings in a studio.

We invite lucky 100 TeamAyu members to this special event!
Don't miss this chance to listen to them before they go on public!

No public appearances of ayumi hamasaki scheduled during the event.
*No trial listening of MUSIC VIDEO.

*All the date and time are stated in Japan Standard Time.

[Meeting Place]
Venue in Tokyo
*Only winners are informed the detaied information.

[Event Schedule]
Sunday July 26th, 2015

Event 1 (Doors Open / Main Act)
12:15 / 12:30
Event 2 (Doors Open / Main Act)
13:45 / 14:00
Event 3 (Doors Open / Main Act)
15:15 / 15:30
Event 4 (Doors Open / Main Act)
16:45 / 17:00

[Entrance Fee]
300 yen (with 1 Drink)

*Please come to the venue 15 minutes prior to the Main Act.
*You should be punctual to participate the event. No late arrival allowed.
*Please note that times are approximate and may be subject to change.
*Please choose the events from above, no time changes on the event day accepted.

[Entry Deadline]
Friday July 24th, 2015 12:00

[Entry Rules]
One application up to two events per TA member
*Accompanying persons are not permitted to entry to this event.
*Non-members of TeamAyu are not permitted to entry to this event.

[Result Announcement]
Winners will receive The Winning Confirmation E-mail by Friday July 24th, 2015 21:00.

[Items needed on the event day]
1. The Winning Confirmation E-mail
2. TeamAyu Digital License
3. Valid photo identification (ex. Passport)
*If you don't have any valid photo identifications, bring two items that we can confirm your name.
*The use of cameras, audio recording devices and video recording devices are strictly prohibited during the event.
All visitors may be required to deposit all cameras, video cameras and any recording devices at the camera check booths.
*Transferring the rights to third party is not acceptable in any cases.
ONLY TeamAyu members won by lottery have rights to join this event."

I wish every one luck to enter this event :3

21. Juli 2015

It seems I got new stuff the whole month xD

This month I got a lot of packages. 
I feel like it's christmas and all the presents are just for me :D
Saturday I got some Koda Kumi CDs I didn't owe. And some CDs I do owe but I use them as presents for my friends (*^^*)
The next package is something from eBay. It's a tour pamphlet from ayumi hamasaki Arena Tour 2009 ~Next Level~. 
The CDs I owe now are two albums and two singles.
Koda Kumi secret CD+DVD First Press
Koda Kumi flower CD only
Koda Kumi Alive/Physical thing CD+DVD First Press
Tour Pamphlet ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~Next Level~

13. Juli 2015

Some new Stuff again XD

Today I got two packages, filled with J-Pop \(^o^)/
At the first package I got my very first AKB48 Single. I told you days before =)
The single is called Kaze wa Fuiteiru. It's the Type B of totally 3 editions of the single. You get a DVD with Type A and B. And with the Theatre Edition you get another second track than Type A and B.
It's a really good song, I really like it =) And I'm happy to have it now in my J-Pop collection (*^^*)

The second thing in the first package was Koda Kumi Live second session 2006-2007 first press.
As you can see it comes with a slipcase and another cover for the first press edition.
I do have to watch it. 

Later that day I recieved my second package. 
It was really precious and rar.
It's the cover of the box. I do love this picture (*-*) It's from the stadium tour 2002.
The stadium tour 2002 is included in this box.
Included with the box are the live DVDs CountDown Live 2001-2002, Arene Tour 2002 and Stadium Tour 2002. 
You got a ticket, where you can get the fourth live DVD CountDown Live 2002-2003. I've that ticket :D But unfortunately I missed the last date to get the DVD (T_T) It was in the year 2003...so I missed it of course XD
Now I have four DVDs to watch ;)
see you later \(^-^)

9. Juli 2015

ayumi hamasaki『sixxxxxx』Covers

Today ayu and avex released the covers for ayus new minialbum『sixxxxxx』
I kinda like the covers. It looks like she were naughty ;) And I like the fact that there is no name just the album title.
my favorite is the CD only cover, but maybe I will buy the CD+BD version.
For me it looks like she made the covers for『A One』and『sixxxxxx』on the same shoot. But I like them.

8. Juli 2015

Some new Stuff

Today I got a package with some pretty things in it ;)
It's a Koda Kumi album and a single also and two Ayumi Hamasaki singles I was looking for a long time. Because they're really rare these days.
I'm so happy to get Japonesque from Koda Kumi as the CD+2DVD in the first press edition (*-*) It's in a big package and really beautiful. The Koda Kumi single is Koi no Tsubomi in the CD only edition. 
And the both Ayumi Hamasaki singles are MOON/blossom and crossroad. Both are in the CD+DVD Version. And I got a poster with the MOON/blossom Cover without font. It's really beautiful.
Next days I will get some more packages with some more stuff from Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi and my very first single from the Idol Band AKB48 :3

7. Juli 2015

~Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary Premium Live~

Today I read some great news (*-*) I'm so happy that I can't wait to tell you.
The news came up last month, but not to late to celebrate them.
I knew about Koda Kumi celebrating her 15th anniversary this summer at a-nation island 2015. But I didn't know that she will have some special guests on stage (*-*)

"A live event produced by Koda Kumi, called "~Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary Premium Live~", will be held on August 2 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

This will be part of the entertainment event "a-nation island", which will be held from July 31 to August 6, to commemorate Koda's 15th anniversary. The first lineup of artists include Sean Paul, AK-69, Blistah, TEEDA, and DJ HASEBE. More artists will be revealed at a later date."

The news are, as I said, from last month so maybe some more news have been updated. But I don't can find them now.
I'm so happy to see Koda Kumi with Sean Paul live on stage for my favorite song from her album Bon Voyage "LOADED"!!!!
That will be a really awesome show and I hope it will come as a seperate DVD in stores like her concerts. I will definitely buy it (*-*)

5. Juli 2015

News from ayu

Hello guys
Today ayu wrote a new TeamAyu entry before the last show of her Arena Tour began.

"The Beginning of the End
2015-07-05 14:09(JST) | ayu
Is the beginning of the end...
The end that has to come, having begun.
All the bad things... The unforgivable things... The past that can't be rewritten...
Last year, I left Japan to escape from all of that.
Then I returned from L.A. with a new sense of purpose, and began the Midnight Circus at last year's Countdown Live.
You all showed me what it is I have to do.
And now 8 months have passed...
To all T.A members at the venue, and all those who aren't...
Please, stay with me till the last moment. Keep holding my hand.
All together.
I have an announcement for you during the M.C. corner."

Yesterday a german ayufan was at the concert and heared at the MC part ayu telling about the circus theme would be awesome for a world tour. So when this message came from ayu I was like "OMG Will she really do a world tour???"
But it wasn't. Later I saw some other entrys from fans of the last show.
Ayus big announcement during the MC part was nothing else than the announcement about a TeamAyu Live Concert in September, October and November.
I really hoped for a world tour, but I'm also happy for the TeamAyu member :)
Someday I will join TeamAyu and will have the chance to get a ticket.

Some other wrote something about a Hall Tour in autumn. This will be possible too and would be awesome.