17. Oktober 2015

Presents :D

Hello everyone
Long time no see. Last week I had my birthday. Got a lot of presents =) And I forgot to take pictures of all presents >.<
But here are some of them :)

These are some of my presents I got on my birthday and the day we had the party :)
The shirt at the last picture is just made for me :D It's an ayupanda. Like my nickname :D

Two days after my birthday I had a small party and a little accident. I stood up and my kneecap was dislocated. It was very painful and I can't recommend this. I went to the ER and they told me I should rest. So now....I rest ;)

I'm very happy about the Katy Perry album Prism. It's the japanese edition with an extra DVD. And ayumi hamasaki sixxxxxx mini album. I got so much sweets :D It was a really awesome birthday.

2. Oktober 2015

Cover release of Cirque de Minuite concert

Today on Ayumi Hamasaki 37th Birthday, ayu gave her fans a present. Not only a TeamAyu Limited concert with her fans. Yes! Today we got the covers of her upcoming concert tour DVD.
I'm happy about it. 
I kinda like them, but just the "Duty" Outfit would fit more to the tour cover.
Ayumis concert covers are different than Koda Kumis cover releases. Koda Kumi has always two editions of cover. One for the DVD and one for the BD. Ayumi uses for both the same cover. I love this.