19. Mai 2016

Summer is coming~

Hey guys
Summer is coming and I do write again on my blog, yay \o/
I'm sorry I didn't write in a while. And I'm thinking of having my blog in german again.
But this post is probably the last in english.


As I said, the summer is coming. The last few days I had a nice bike ride with my Honey. We found some nice places in our hometown. I live here since I were born and I didn't know that places >3< Can you believe it?
It was at the Warnow. It's the river trough my hometown. 
Isn't it beautiful? This summer we will ride more bike and maybe we will find more beautiful places like these.


And I get the new album of ayumi hamasaki. It's called "Made in Japan". And I get the TeamAyu Edition with the Limited TA Tour. I really am happy \o/
Thanks to AWA ( a japanese version of spotify) we can hear the whole album since May 11, 2016. 
Did you here it already? I really really really like this album. My favourites are all 10 songs, lol. 
But there are no covers out. I'm curious how they will be.
This is the tracklist of the album:
03.Mad World
06.You are the only one
09.Summer Love
Bonus Track
10.Many Classic Moments

On the DVD there will be three PVs and their making offs. One of them is Winter Diary incl making off. I hope for some good PVs for my favourite Songs. I really hope that FLOWER and Survivor will get a PV :D