31. Oktober 2014

Happy Halloween

I wish you all a Happy Halloween

Today I go to a Crime Dinner with friends. It's about the Brother Grimm fairytales.
The seven dwarfs were killed and we all have to find out who killed them. I am the evil Queen :D
My honey is Red Riding Hood ^-^ she looks soooo sexy.

23. Oktober 2014


Hey my Dears

Today I got a new mail, with new information about her 【Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary First Class 2nd LIMITED LIVE】

We have a very SPECIAL news for you!!!

On December 6, 2014, Koo-chan will starts her 15th Anniversary Year since her debut, and we have a very BIG and SPECIAL present for KODA GUMI members♪♪

As she enters into her 15th Anniversary Year, we will have special live concert, and will invite 10,000 KODA GUMI members for free!!!

【Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary First Class 2nd LIMITED LIVE】

It is the special exclusive live concert only for KODA GUMI members!!
Application for the ticket starts at noon on November 12, 2014 (JST).

Not a KODAGUMI (Global Fan Club) member yet? Don't worry!
If you join KODA KUMI OFFICIAL GLOBAL FANCLUB KODA GUMI and complete your payment by Thursday, November 6, 2014, you can enter the drawing. The ticket application starts at noon, Wednesday, November 12, 2014 (JST).

Click here to learn more about & join GLOBAL FANCLUB KODA GUMI -

22. Oktober 2014

KODA KUMI 15th Anniversary Project Vol.2

Hey my Dears

As fast as I can I write the latest news of Koda Kumi for you~

Memorial Live Concert confirmed to celebrate 15th Anniversary Year since her debut!Invitation for 10,000 members!!
"KODA KUMI 15th Anniversary Project Vol.2!!" is a big present for KODA GUMI members!!
10,000 winners of KODA GUMI members be selected in a drawing will be invited to the special live concert held at her place of memories, “STUDIO COAST”, where she had her first live concert without any supporting acts!!
Application for the ticket starts at noon, Wednesday, November 12, 2014 (JST), only for KODA GUMI members!
Not a KODAGUMI (Global Fan Club) member yet? Don't worry!
If you join KODA KUMI OFFICIAL GLOBAL FANCLUB KODA GUMI and complete your payment by Thursday, November 6, 2014, you can enter the drawing. The ticket application starts at noon, Wednesday, November 12, 2014 (JST).
Click here to learn more about & join GLOBAL FANCLUB KODA GUMI -
Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary First Class 2nd LIMITED LIVE
[Date] December 6, 2014 (Sat.)
[Time] Doors Open / Performance Starts
1. - 11:15 / 12:00
2. - 13:30 / 14:15
3. - 15:45 / 16:30
4. - 18:00 / 18:45
All in Japanese Standard Time.
※ Doors open time / performance time is subject to change.
[Ticket Price]
FREE for KODAGUMI members!!
* System usage fee and drink will be charged at the door.
*Invitations for KODAGUMI members ONLY. We'll not accept any non-members.
●Only one invitation will be issued per member.
* If a participating member is a children preschool age and younger, she/he can be accompanied by a non-member.
In that case, however, a member need to apply for the ticket for second-floor balcony seat.
First floor is STANDING ONLY, and a children preschool age and younger cannot be entered.
● Please note that you can select your choice of the time for the performance, but in case we receive application exceeding our expectation, you will not be attend the performance of your selected time.
● Please present your photo ID and your digital member's card.
* You must need present both of the above, otherwise you will not be entered the venue.
Further details of the application (drawing) etc. will be announced at noon on Wednesday November 12, 2014 (JST)

This text I found on an international Koda Kumi Fanpage on Facebook.
I wish I could go and make it to, but the journey is too expensive for me.
I wish everyone the very best and I'm happy for all 10.000 winners =D
You all have to enjoy the show for all Koda Kumi Fans who didn't win.^^


Hey my Dears

A new volume of KODA KUMI OFFICIAL E-MAIL MAGAZIN has come out.
It says something about her first digital song "Dance in the Rain" and some more news ;)


"Dance In The Rain", the world's first "Experience-based 360-degree VR (Virtual Reality) Music Video" has become a hot conversation topic, and it's now confirmed to be released as Kumi Koda's first digital song!!!

What's more!!!
We have exclusive offer ONLY for fan club members!
As [CD + DVD] package, Limited Edition only for fan club members will be released on November 12th!!
It's a special and gorgeous version including instrumental version of the song and behind-the-scene movie of the music video!

As in the title "Dance In The Rain", Kumi Koda dances and sings in the rain, and you can fully enjoy her beauty of the body and physical performance lavishly. The video is a must-watch!


Tomorrow on Thursday, October 23, we might announce more exciting news...!?!?"

Now I'm really excited and curious about the latest news of tomorrow 8D

This is the cover of the digital release of "Dance in the Rain"

I will give you more information ^-^

18. Oktober 2014

TeamAyu goes international on December

A Dream is coming true for all international Ayumi Hamasaki Fans. 
TeamAyu will be go international on December *-*
I hope it will be like the Konda Gumi international or better.
I will be going to be a Member. I knew it since I spoke with friends about a future TeamAyu *laugh*

More information will coming ;)

17. Oktober 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki regrets quitting high school and calls herself a tomboy - Radio Interview from Singapore

Hey my Dears

Since yesterday Ayumi Hamasaki and other stars from Japan are landed in Singapore for the first a-nation.
Today she held a Radio Interview with m-flo.

Ayumi Hamasaki, one of J-pop’s biggest stars, held a press conference today (October 17) at Marina Bay Sand’s The MasterCard Theatres together with label-mates m-flo for the ‘a-nation singapore’ concert.

The trio is expected to perform at the summer music showcase along with other Japanese artistes, GENERATIONS, Sonar Pocket, Wagakki and Taiwan’s Aaron Yan tomorrow night (October 18). Speaking about the concert, Ayumi said she will be performing songs from her new album Colors as well as popular hits from her extensive discography.

“I am so glad to be here. Actually this is not the first time [I am in Singapore], [I was here] 12 years ago. A lot of places have changed and I am really enjoying this stay. I hope that everyone will enjoy [my performance], whether they are my fans or not. I hope they will make great memories of a-nation,” she stated.

Colors did not do as well as anticipated on the Japan’s music charts, but the 36-year-old remains positive about her career when she was asked if she had ever considered leaving the industry. “If I really wanted to quit, I think I would have done it. That is my character. But I am still here and that means I cannot picture a life without music.”

Just like Ayumi, m-flo expressed that they continue to feel passionate about the music they create despite the pressure they faced. “I think it is fair to say that we have been doing this for a long time. We are always trying to evolve and we started music because we like doing music. We love to perform. There is pressure [from] what fans and the music industry expect. If you are in the industry for a long time and you really want to continue, the most important thing is just believe in what we want to do and keep on doing it. Evolving to me means loving music the same way as we [did in] high school.”

The pair takes inspiration from their DJ gigs and surprisingly, Verbal’s sartorial style. “We DJ a lot. We go around the world and play all types of music to see how people react. I think that gives us a good feedback and you can hear it in our music. I think when we started we did not want to look like the run-of-the-mill hip-hop group. We definitely wanted to break out of the mould. We are always striving to be witty with the name and the design [of the album jacket]. Verbal has always very eccentric. Now he looks normal to me, but there are times when I see him going crazy but I get used to it (laughs). He puts that essence into the [album] jacket too I think,” Taku quipped.

Verbal also shared his first impression of Taku when they first met in elementary school. “I have known Taku since fifth grade of elementary school. He came into the school that I was in and [I have] this vivid memory of him saying, ‘Hey I got this video camera, we are going to make this movie, so Verbal, can you be in my movie?’He definitely made an impression when he came into our school (laughs).”

While Verbal was described as ‘talkative’ by his partner, Ayumi shared that she was less feminine than others would think when she was a student. “I was not a girly girl. I was a tomboy and I kind of like being alone, which [makes me] a strange kid (laughs).” She also admitted that quitting high school is one of the biggest regrets of her life and advised student to “just enjoy and not give up.”

Quizzed if she had thought of holding a solo concert in Singapore, Ayumi smiled and answered, “Of course, I would love to. I hope we can make it happen.” She added that she will be releasing a winter ballad in December and a three-day countdown live concert. “It will be fantastic. [As for plans] after that, we will see.”

15. Oktober 2014

ayumi hamasaki NEW SINGLE IS COMING~

Hey my Dears

Now it's my second post today about ayumi hamasaki :D
First about her upcoming concert and now about her new single, wich is coming this winter.

On Facebook I found on AyuAngels Page a photo from Twitter.
I am so happy about a new Single and I'm corious about the genre. 
I guess it's a winter ballad like You were.../BALLAD. But I hope it's something like her latest songs. 

Here the same: More information will follow ;)

ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 A Cirque de Minuit ~真夜中のサーカス~

Hey my Dears

Yesterday ayumi hamasaki and avex announced the coming COUNTDOWN LIVE of ayumi hamasaki. It's called Cirque de Minuit~真夜中のサーカス~ (the last part is translated to midnight). I'm really curious (*-*).
I think it will be kind of Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour and Hotel Love Songs mixed with Burlesque. That would be awesome.

I'm really curious about the tracklist.

You will get more information ;)

10. Oktober 2014

Kato Miliyah 10th Anniversary Best of Album「MUSE」 Part III

Hey Dears

New information about「MUSE」are there.
Both cover are online and the whole tracklist.

Limited Edition
Regular Edition
CD Tracklist
Disc 1
YOU... feat. Nakasone Izumi (HY)
Automatic (Original: Utada Hikaru)
I’ll be there with you feat. AI & Aoyama Thelma
Fighter / Nakashima MikaxKato Miliyah
Gift / Nakashima MikaxKato Miliyah
If I Ain’t Got You (Original: Alicia Keys)
Blue Flame feat. SUGAR SOUL
STYLE (Original: TLC "Creep")
Disc 2
Lonely Hearts (T.O.M. Remix)
SAYONARA Baby (Nao Tanaka Remix) (SAYONARAベイベー; Goodbye Baby)
Aitai (Loneliness Remix) (I Want to Meet You)
LALALA (T.O.M. REMIX) feat. Wakadanna (Shonannokaze)
Yuusha-tachi (T.O.M. REMIX) (勇者たち; Heroes)
19 Memories (REMIX)
Never let go (Shingo.S RMX)
Jounetsu (take 2 Remix) (ジョウネツ; Passion)
Sotsugyou (DJ Mitsu the Beats School Gate Mix) (ソツギョウ; Graduation)
Beautiful (BR Remix)

DVD Tracklist
10th Anniversary Document "The Story of "MILIYAH 10th Anniversary PREMIUM PARTY""
YOU... (Music Video)
Fighter (Music Video)
Gift (Music Video)

I'm a bit sad about the small DVD Tracklist. I thought Miliyah will add some more PVs from her older songs or will record new PVs for song wich don't have any PV.
But now I know I want the Regular Edition of the Best Of Album.
I'm really excited about the "Story of MILIYAH 10th Anniversary PREMIUM PARTY" :D

6. Oktober 2014

Naruto Manga ends on November 10th

For all Naruto Fans!

It's hard to say, but Naruto will find the end.

The official website of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump announced today on October 6 that Masashi Kishimoto's long-running ninja action manga Naruto will end its serialization for 15 years on the magazine's 50th issue to be published in Japan on November 10. It means that the manga only has five episodes left.

Naruto started its serialization on the magazine's 43th issue of 1999, and has published 70 tankobon volumes so far. The latest 71st volume is scheduled to be published in Japan on November 4. And its newest anime film adaptation, meaningfully titled The Last: Naruto the Movie, will be released on December 6.

I don't want an end. What should I read every week on wednesday?
And what could happen in just 5 new chapters?

4. Oktober 2014

Rechte zu Sailor Moon Crystal in Europa freigestellt!

Hey my Dears
Today it's a german post about Sailor Moon Crystal for all Sailor Moon Fans in Germany.

Auf Sailor Moon Germany habe ich was ganz tolles erfahren.

"Rechte zu Sailor Moon Crystal in Europa freigestellt!

Hey Moonies!

Aktuell feiert an jedem 1. & 3. Samstag im Monat, je eine Folge der neuen Sailor Moon Anime Serie, "Sailor Moon Crystal" seine Premiere via der Video-Plattform "Nico Nico Douga"!

Neben den kostenlosen Folgen im Web, wird es die Serie auch (beginnend mit diesem Monat) in Japan als DVD & Blu-Ray zum kaufen geben. Leider beinhalten diese Rohlinge die Folgen ohne Untertiteln. Wer sich also Sailor Moon Crystal mit deutschen Untertiteln anschauen möchte, dem sei dies nur über Nico Nico Douga offiziell gegönnt.

Viele von euch fragten uns öfter in der Vergangenheit, ob es auch die neue Serie eines Tages auch mit einer deutschen Synchronisation geben wird oder ob diese ggf. im deutschen Fernsehen laufen würde. Leider gab es zu diesen Punkten kaum Klarheit, da einfach die Rechte für Europa nicht zum verkauf standen.

Neben Japan hatte sich nur Amerika (Viz Media) die Rechte zu Sailor Moon Crystal gesichert (sowie auch zur klassischen Sailor Moon Anime Serie)! Nun scheint es auch für Europa ernst zu werden! Das Produktionsstudio TOEI Animation hat sich nämlich für die größte Messe Rund um Lizenzen & Rechte angekündigt, auf der Brand Licensing Europe!

Die Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) findet vom 7. - 9. Oktober in London statt. Viele bekannte Lizenzinhaber tummeln sich auf der Messe um ihre "Ware" gewinnbringend an andere Publisher aus verschiedenen europäischen Länder zu verkaufen. Neben der Serie "Petz Club" kündigt TOEI Animation auch ganz groß "Sailor Moon Crystal" für die Messe an.

Wir können also gespannt sein, wie Sailor Moon Crystal sich in Europa entwickeln wird. Welche Länder werden sich die Serie holen, wird diese auch synchronisiert, erschienen die Folgen auch bei uns (TV oder DVD)? Fragen über Fragen die sich uns jetzt stellen.

Im Moment heißt es wohl abwarten und Tee trinken. Auf jeden Fall ist es schon einmal ein gutes Zeichen, dass die Rechte zur neuen Sailor Moon Serie auch an europäische Partner verkauft werden! Sobald wir mehr darüber wissen, werden wir euch natürlich darüber informieren!"

Auf der Seite von Sailor Moon Germany könnt ihr auch die Quellen von SMG finden ;)

2. Oktober 2014

『ayumi hamasaki PREMIUM SHOWCASE ~Feel the love~』 Cover and Tracklist

Hey my Dears

Today Ayumi Hamasaki and avex released the cover and the tracklist of『ayumi hamasaki PREMIUM SHOWCASE ~Feel the love~』

02 Last angel
03 Magical Night
04 decision
06 Because of You
07 What is forever love
08 Starry night
09 TO BE
10 Hello new me
11 circus
12 Adagio for A
13 Angel
15 Terminal
16 Connected
17 STEP you
19 Jump!
20 Lelio
21 You & Me
22 Bold & Delicious
23 NOW & 4EVA
24 Boys & Girls
25 July 1st
26 Feel the love

There are 8 songs more than the WOWOW Version has. So I'm really excited to watch the hole concert \(^o^)/

The cover is a bit small, but it's from the official homepage. I love this cover. I think it's one of her best Live DVD cover ever. Now I have to wait till I can buy it LOL