31. Juli 2014

Koda Kumi official Mail Magazine Vol. 8

Today morning I got the 8th Volume of Koda Kumi Mail Magazin.


”Bon Voyage” TOUR started in March and will wrap up in Taiwan on August 16th!
The summer single “HOTEL” will be released in a special Taiwan version from avex Taiwan to celebrate the final show!

“HOTEL” Taiwan special version includes:
★ Snapshot (one photo randomly)
★ Taiwan version DVD that contains special up-close video from the Taiwan concert in 2013 (with traditional Chinese captions)
※ This video is the same one from the bonus video in the album “Driving Hits 6.”

It contains these special bonus items for you♪

Please check avex Taiwan official website for details.

When I read the special for the Taiwan Version of the Hotel Single, I really want this version. There is a Snapshot =D

28. Juli 2014

the first a-nation Taiwan artists are out

I have great new. The first artists for the first a-nation in Taiwan are out ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
I'm so happy and proud to tell every Kumi fan that she will be there~
Also out for the a-nation are:
A-Lin (Taiwan)
放浪新世代 from放浪一族 (Unconventional Unconventional new generation from a family)
Koda Kumi
Sonar Pocket
More will be released soon.

I'm very excited if will be there a DVD LIVE from Taiwan and Singapur like the japanese DVD.

22. Juli 2014

Kana Nishino New Single ~

Hey guys
Today the covers for Kana Nishinos new single Darling are released \(^o^)/
These are the first Covers after Always I really like. 

I can't decide wich of the cover I like the most. I guess it will be my first single of Kana Nishino.

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
Regular Edition (CD only)
It feels so naturel and that's what I really like. 

The tracklist isn't out yet, but when it comes I will show you. I hope I can hear Darling as fast as comes out.
How do you like the covers?


21. Juli 2014

Ayus Summer Time and Koda-Reki \(^o^)/

Today my new things from Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi arrived. I bought them on eBay *-* 

I bought the ViVi August 2006 with the Ayumi Hamasaki Shoot "Summer Time from Ayu". I took some photos and I wanna show them to you.

In the ViVi is an article about the MTV VMAJ 2006 and the first article I saw about Miliyah Kato before I know her. I mean, I know her since her song "Why?" from her album "Heaven. So it's after the year 2006 ^-^
 My honey is a huge fan of Nana from Ai Yazawa. So she was really happy to see an article about Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia.
As an extra there were a nail mag in it. It has the most wanted nails in the summer 2006.

As a big surprise Koda-Reki is really a small book lol.
 I hope everyone can see the print of the Cover :)
 A message from Kumi for all her Fans.
And some childhood photos with and without her little sister Misono.

The next thing I bought is the Popteen September 2005 :) I'm really excited to see the shoot ^-^
You will be the first who will see this ;)

じゃ ね

15. Juli 2014

Koda Kumi official Tracklist of her new Single「HOTEL」

Hey guys
Today I want to show you the official tracklist of the new single「HOTEL」of Koda Kumi.

I heard some previews of the songs, but I think I only like「HOTEL」. This single isn't one of my favourite.

01. Introduction 〜Check IN〜
03. Interlude 〜Secret Room〜
04. Money In My Bag
05. Interlude 〜Last Night Dream〜
06. Turn Around
01. HOTEL (Music Video)
02. HOTEL (Making Video)
03. Money In My Bag (Spot)
【DVD (Koda Gumi / Playroom)】
01. Money In My Bag (Music Video)
02. Money In My Bag (Making Video)
03. HOTEL (Spot)

For all Fanclub members you can get with the first press edition a uchiwa or a poster.

I wish I could get the uchiwa. It really looks great.

10. Juli 2014

Got new things~

Hey Guys

today I got a pakage from Japan *-* It was my order from eBay. 
One of my favorite album Dejavu from Koda Kumi.
It's the Version with the Dream Music Park on DVD 1 and 2 x3.
I'm so happy it came in time. So I can watch it with my honey and my best friend, who will come on saturday. 

Yesterday I got from my honey a polymer clay Stitch. 
Isn't it cute <3 I really love this. It's a unique and no one will have the same *`-´*
From all Disney characters, I'm in love with Stitch. 

5. Juli 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki - Colours is mine~

Hey Guys
Yesterday my version of Ayumi Hamasakis new album Colours arrived.
I made a video for you guys. And a photo from the cover.

I hope you like this video :) And you will see how the album looks like. I hope everyone who will buy the album will be very happy.
I just watched my DVD and I'm really overwhelmed about the PVs and the Making ofs. You have to watch it =D