31. Dezember 2014

Day 22 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Enjoy your last day of the year. I hope you will have a great last day. 

It's day 22 of the Disney Challenge and I don't want to make you wait any longer.
Day 22 - An underrated movie
It's definitly "Brave". I really love the story and it's the first disney movie where the mainstory is about a daughter and a mother and the love between them.
By the way, her brothers are really cute as little bears <3
Especially I like the mystic of Scotland and you can learn a lot about the lifestyle of scotish people.

30. Dezember 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki National Tour confirmed // Disney Challenge Days 20 and 21

Hey Cuties
Ayumi Hamasaki confirmed that the next national Tour will be the same as her CountDown Live 2014-2015. I think it will be an awesome conert Tour :D
These are the Tourdates. So ayu is doing a concert tour in spring. I want to watch it and I want to know the setlist of the concert tour. Maybe it's the same show like her CountDown Live 2014-2015. I'm really curious about it.

And now the yesterday and today of the Disney Challenege =)

Day 20 - Favorite sequel
It's definitly "Lion King 2 - Simbas Pride". I would say the songs are better, than in "Lion King".

Day 21 - An overrated movie
A movie for me I can't understand why it's so 'awesome' is "Toy Story". "Toy Story 2" and "Toy Story 3" as well.

28. Dezember 2014

Day 19 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties

Today I was at the cinema with my dad and his best friend. We did watch Ridley Scott's newest movie 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'. It's about the second book Moses. It's really impressive.

Now it's day 19 of the Challenge =)
Day 19 - Your least favorite Pixar movie

I guess it's Monster, Inc. Cause I like it, but it's not that important for me.
I can watch it twice a year xD
I want to pet Sulley, because he's so fluffy <3
Tomorrow I will drive home...yay 4hours fun at the streets ._. not
But than I'm finally home ^^ And I can test my new PlayStation3 *-*
Maybe I can't write tomorrow :/ But I will try it. If I can't, I will write the day after tomorrow both days, tomorrow and day 21 ^^

27. Dezember 2014

Day 18 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Now Christmas is over. I'm really happy about that. But you know after Christmas is before Christmas ;) Now I've  one year to buy new presents.

Today is day 18 of the Disney Challenge.
Day 18 - Your favorite Pixar film.
I can say it's 'Finding Nemo'. You know why? Because of Dory and the Seaturtles. I really like Seaturtles. They're one of my favorite animals :D

26. Dezember 2014

Day 17 Disney Challenge

Helly Cuties
Today is the last Christmas day and the great feed (like we say in german 'das große Fressen') is now over.
I ate a lot the last 3 days :x but it was all so delicious.

Today is Day 17 of the Disney Challenge :D
Day 17 - Your least favorite classic
I guess it's 'Aristocats', but please...don't ask me why xD
I really am a cat friend, but the movie isn't made for me *lol*

25. Dezember 2014

Day 16 Disney Challenge

Hey Cuties
Today it's still christmas *lol* some countrys get their presents today. How about you?

Today is Day 16 of the Disney Challenge. 
Day 16 - Your favorite classic.
I think I choose Sleeping Beauty. Like the last day. 
Don't ask my why. I have to rewatch the movie. But I kinda like the figures of Maleficent and Aurora.

24. Dezember 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Day 15 Disney Challenge

I wish you all a wonderful day with your family. I hope you got a lot of presents ;)
I was really happy to be together with my grandma and my father. And I got the presents I wished for.
I got a PlayStation3, the gem trilogy by Kerstin Gier and a leggings for my Yoga lessons ^-^.
That's one of the best christmas eve's since my birth *^* no kidding ;) 
I love to get presents and I'm always happy about them :D
What did you get for christmas?

Day 15 of the Disney Challenge. That means I reached the half \(^o^)/

Day 15 - The first movie you saw.
Oh thats hard to say. I guess it was Lion King but could be also Sleeping Beauty. I'm not really sure.

23. Dezember 2014

Days 13 and 14 Disney Challenge

Hey Cuties
I'm really sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was on a trip for christmas and it did take the whole day.
But now I am by my granny :) Santa can come and give us some presents xD

Day 13 - Your least favorite Song
I don't really know which is my least favorite song ://
But I guess it's 'I just can't wait to be king' from Lion King. The often you hear it, the more you don't like it. I guess it's kinda like that. I even can't hear it often in german xD 

Day 14 - Your favorite kiss.
ehm...yeah you know....I really like the Disney movies and the most of them are my favorite ones. But I can't find the best kiss *lol*
Maybe it's the wake up kiss from Prince Philip to Aurora. The other ones are to love drunken for me. They are to 'mainstream' *lol*

21. Dezember 2014

Day 12 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Today is Day 12 of the Disney Challenge. 

Day 12 - Your favorite villain song

That was really easy. I choose Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame with his evil song Hellfire. Of cause I took it in german again ;)
Since I really understand the lyrics I can understand why the director from Disney wouldn't have the song in the movie. But it is in the movie and it fits perfectly.

My second choice is Savages from Pocahontas. In german it's called "Wilde sind's" that means "Wild's are".

20. Dezember 2014

Day 11 Disney Challenge

Hello Sweethearts
Today my post is a little bit to late for me. But today I met some friends to play games ^-^
It was really fun.
So now I make my Challenge for today ;)

Day 11 - Your favorite Love Song
I choose 'Tale as old as time' from Beauty and the Beast in german. All the Disney songs I really love are in german. I think it's one of the best languages for Disney movies imo.
 My second choice is 'Can you feel the love tonight' from Lion King also in german.
The voice of Simba and Nala are in german so pretty and I really like the german voice actor of Nala.

I want to know your favorite disney love songs. You can tell me in the comments =) 

19. Dezember 2014

Day 10 Disney Challenge

Hey Cuties

Today it's Day 10 of the Disney Challenge. 20 more days to do ;)

Day 10 - Your favorite Song.
At first I thought 'OMG it's hard to decide for me. I love so much songs from so many Disneymovies.' But I found 2 songs, where I can say they're my all time favorites.
Both are from Lion King II - Simbas Pride. It's 'He lives in you' and 'Proscription'.

18. Dezember 2014

Day 9 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties

Today is Day 9 of the Disney Challenge I do.

Day 9 - Your favorite original Character
Actually I don't have a favorite of the original characters. But of these I choose Goofy. I think it's the only one I really want to watch and feel good to watch it.

17. Dezember 2014

Day 8 Disney Challenge

Hey Cuties

Today is Day 8 of the Disney Challenge. 

Day 8 - Your favorite villain.
That's easy. My number one villain was, is and will be forever Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Why? Because he is the evilst villain a Disney movie ever had. To get one gypsy woman he would burn down the whole city. He killed people to get what he wants. Thats really evil. 
Even his own song sounds evil. It's called "Hell fire" and that's very vicious. 
Without him or with a less bad guy like him, the whole movie would be lame.

16. Dezember 2014

Disney Challenge Day 7 and short Versions of ayumi hamasakis new Single

Hey Cuties

Today is Day 7 of the Disney Challenge.
Day 7 - Your favorite Sidekick
To be honest, I don't know who's my favorite Sidekick. I've so many to choose of.
For example Mushu, Cri-Kee, Meeko and Sven. 
I don't know who of these is my favorite one. I really love every of these and I can't choose. 
Maybe I can take all four of them?


And now I want to tell you something about Ayumi Hamasaki.
Today she released the short Versions of her new Songs from her new Single. I was soo happy to hear them, and I really love them *^*
I want to hear more from them and I'm really excited for my copy of the Single.


Last Minute


15. Dezember 2014

Day 6 Disney Challenge

Hey Cuties,

Today I got for Day 6 a new challenge :P

Day 6 - Your favorite Animal
I choose Meeko from Pocahontas. I guess I'm kind like him :) And I really loved him since I watched the movie for the first time.
What is your favorite animel from Disney?

14. Dezember 2014

Disney Challenge Day 4 and Day 5

Hey my Dears
I'm sorry for not challenging yesterday, but I was sick. Now I'm feeling better.

Day 4 - Your favorite Prince
My choice is Li Shang from Mulan. I liked him since I first saw the movie.
Day 5 - Your favorite Hero
Kristoff from Frozen.
I can't really say why, but for me it's Kristoff =)

12. Dezember 2014

Day 3 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Today is Day 3 of my Disney Challengen.

Day 3 - Favorite Disney Heroine
It's not that hard like the day before with the princess ;)
My all time favorite is Esmeralda. Because every thing she did is for her people.

11. Dezember 2014

Day 2 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Today is Day 2 of the 30 Day Disney Challenge.

Day 2 - Favorite Disney Princess
My favorite Disney Princesses are Pocahontas (official) and Alice (inofficial) from Alice in Wonderland.
 I really love them. In the third place would be Merida from Brave. 

And now I want to show you what I got today from DisneyStore Europe~
I bought Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and Marie from Aristocats as TsumTsums. They are so cute and I want to thank DisneyStore Europe for making it happen, that I can buy TsumTsum plushies in Germany *-* THANK YOU

10. Dezember 2014

30 Day Disney Challenge

Hey my Dears

I want to start a new challenge. And I found a super cute Disney Challenge :)
I found it on the internet, and it's sourced by colorful-cotton on tumblr. 

And now let's start with Day 1.

Your favorite character:
Oh that's hard to decide. There are so much Disney movies with a lot of awesome characters.
But just from my favorites movies I can say it's not a sidekick *lol*
I guess it's Pocahontas. Because I always wanted to be strong like her and wanted to sing like her. 

I'm curious about Day 2 tomorrow ;)

5. Dezember 2014

ayumi hamasaki「Zutto... / Last minute / Walk」Covers are out

OMG I'm so happy.
The covers for ayumi hamasakis new Sinlge「Zutto... / Last minute / Walk」are out now.
I could cry 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。 Exactly how I imagined the cover.
She looks so classy and beautiful. At first, I thought it were alan, but the pictures were to small. And I see it's ayu. I'm so happy about the cover~.
My favorite is the Music Card A Cover. I guess I've to buy it.
And I'm really glad I get the regular edition. Her look is so classic.
And I really like the idea that「Zutto...」is written in Romaji. So international fans can read it =D.

4. Dezember 2014

Miliyah Kato new Single

Hey my Dears

I saw Miliyah Kato is releasing a new Single in January next year. I'm happy about it, cause her Songs are always wonderful.
The title will [少年少女] what means Shounen Shoujo (Boys Girls).

The tracklist isn't out now, so I will post it later. But today I found the official covers for the Single.
I like them. Miliyah looks so classy and dreamy. I want the Single. And I'm curious about the song.

1. Dezember 2014

ayumi hamasaki『Zutto... / Last minute / Walk』

Hey there it's me again ;)
I read some news about ayumi hamasakis upcoming Single. Now there are information about the TeamAyu Version of her new Single.
I really like the fact that the english news are from her official homepage <3

I wont buy a TeamAyu Version of the Single, cause I bought the regular edition. And it looks like, there is no much difference between them. Both edition will be CD only. But you can buy Music Cards with limited special items. Maybe I will buy later one Music Card, cause I want to know the special items ;)

"NEW SINGLE "Zutto... / Last minute / Walk" will be released on Wednesday December 24, 2014.
You can purchase her new single with original limited items at TeamAyu Official shop and mu-mo!!
■Release date:
18:00pm Monday December 1, 2014

■Release item:
NEW SINGLE "Zutto... / Last minute / Walk" released on Wednesday December 24, 2014

[TeamAyu Official Shop]
①Standard package (Only CD) AVCD-83126A 1,296yen (Tax included)
⇒B2 sized poster (NOT FOR SALE) (qty:1)

②【Limited package with 4 special items】(Limited version for Fan Club) (Music Card designed A, B and C) ANCD-27203 \3,696 (Tax included)
⇒Shaped sticky note (qty:1)

③【Limited package with 4 special items】(Limited version for Fan Club) (Music Card designed A, B and C) ANCD-27204 \3,696 (Tax included)
⇒A5 sized note (qty:1)

④【Limited package with 5 special items】(Limited version for Fan Club) (Music Card designed A, B and C) ANCD-27205 \4,992
⇒Shaped sticky note (qty:1), B2 sized poster (NOT FOR SALE) (qty:1)

⑤【Limited package with 5 special items】(Limited version for Fan Club) (Music Card designed A, B and C) ANCD-27206 \4,992
⇒A5 sized note (qty:1), B2 sized poster (NOT FOR SALE) (qty:1)

[mu-mo shop]
⑥Standard package (Only CD) AVCD-83126B \1,296 (Tax included)
⇒B2 sized poster (NOT FOR SALE) (qty:1)

⑦【Limited package with 4 special items】(Limited version for Fan Club) (Music Card designed A, B and C) ANCD-27207 \3,696 (Tax included)
⇒A5 sized note (qty:1), B2 sized poster (NOT FOR SALE) (qty:1)

■Special items information
・B2 sized poster (NOT FOR SALE) ※Same poster specified stores provided for present
・Shaped sticky note ※TeamAyu original item
・A5 sized note ※Original item at TeamAyu and mu-mo shop

■Website for sale
TeamAyu Official shop ※Available on PC and mobile phones

TeamAyu Official shop for international shipping ※Available on PC only

mu-mo shop ※Available on PC and mobile phones

mu-mo shop for international shipping ※Available on PC only

■Delivery information
Items reserved before 12:00 Tuesday December 2nd, 2014 will be delivered on day of a release.
Items reserved after 12:00 Tuesday December 2nd, 2014 will be delivered in a few days after your reservation.

■Important notice
※Sale may be finished earlier than the schedule due to limited numbers of items.
※Please note in advance your access to the sites may be busy due to over access.
※Reservation by phone in advance is not accepted.
※The sale for Domestic and international will be scheduled on a same date/time.
※Please confirm about item details, purchase instructions and delivery terms at "Contact" page on website.
※Designs for all special items will be updated on this website as they come in."

Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary First Class 2nd LIMITED LIVE official merchandising

Hey my Dears

today I saw the Goodies for Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary First Class 2nd LIMITED LIVE.
I don't like it that much, but a lot of fans will love them^^
As you can see, I took the pictures from the Koda Kumi Italien Fan Club at Facebook. 

I don't like this HipHop Style, but I know Kumi will do her best to make it like to every fan.

30. November 2014

TeamAyu goes global on December 1st 2014

TeamAyu is global now.
In Japan it's already December the 1st and avex updated the fanclub page on ayumi hamasakis official homepage.

I was looking about the annual fee for the registration. It's 3200Yen (22€), I guess for one year like Koda Gumi.

【Services and Contents】

■Digital membership card

■Access to Members only community/magazines

■Downloadable original wall papers

■Access to Members only Ayu BLOG

■An original welcome present selected by Ayu

■Access to Members only documentary films

■Access to Members only treasured photo gallery

■Pre-Sale concert tickets opportunities

■Happy Birthday mail from Ayu

■Latest news information mails

and more
I'm so happy it's now official ( °̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥◡͐°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥) I could cry cause of happieness.

I really want to join the TeamAyu but I have to wait after Christmas, because I want to join Koda Gumi also *lol*.
I hope some will join now and I can tell you more about the global fanclub :3.
But I will definitely join TeamAyu *^* It was my dream since I'm a Ayumi Hamasaki Fan.

27. November 2014

Selfmade Infinity Scarf

Hey my Dears 

Today I want to show you my selfmade Infinity Scarf I made in less than one hour °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
I really like it. And it was my first try. I've never knitted before, so it really looks great.
I want to do some more for me in coloured wool and in other single colours (=^-ω-^=)

How do you like it? 

26. November 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki new Classical Album announced

Hey my Dears,

Today I got some news from ayumi hamasaki :D
She will release a new Classic Album in January 2015. I'm so excited and happy about the news.

There is no titel and no tracklist, but a release date.
I have a translation from our famous forum AHS.

"After one year from the release of the classical album "a classical", released on january 2013, it has been decided to release a new classical album!
Packed with lots of LOVE, this is the elegant and cute very early present from ayu for valentine's day.

A mash-up of Hamasaki Ayumi's love songs and classic famous pieces, a sweet, elegant, gorgeous and cute classical mash-up album.
By meeting the musical performance of the members of an orchestra who performs at major classical concerts, the carefully selected classical, famous pieces by Hamasaki Ayumi give off a new charm.
With the ballad single announced for the 24/12, "Zutto.../ Last Minute / Walk", and while building up the expectations for the countdown live which will firmly close 2014, let's anticipate the ayu of 2015!!

CD "Title undecided"
release on 28th January 2015
Price: 3,000 yen (tax excluded)

A total of 10 songs estimated."

I'm really curious about the songs she will take for this classical album.

25. November 2014


Hey my Dears

I got some great news :D
On November 26th Ayumi Hamasaki will release『WINTER BALLAD SELECTION』 on iTunes, recochoku and mu-mo as a download best album.

01. Days
03. No way to say
05. You were...
06. Missing
07. appears
08. momentum
10. teddy bear
11. Together When...
12. Over

I knew something will happen, since Ayumi Hamasaki posted some songs on her official Facebook.
I'm so happy about it and the cover looks great.

I guess it's the first part of her great project she spoke of. 

23. November 2014

ayumi hamasaki wont appear Kouhaku Uta Gassen

Hello my Dears,

So Ayumi decided that she wont appear on Kouhaku Uta Gassen anymore. She wrote it on Twitter.
At first everyone thought about a divorce but thank god no.

There is an artical from Yahoo!Japan, but unfortunatlly in japanese. But some international fans can read this and said, it's about Kouhaku Uta Gassen.
It says that she want to do more for her concerts, that the Kouhaku show was more a 'I have to do' than a 'I want to do'. So now she gradiuate from Kouhaku Uta Gassen. 
Ayu said more, that she want concentrate to her overseas activitys and want to start a Singapore basement.
She loved the reaction of the fans in Singapore's a-nation and want to do more in Asia. Maybe she want to do more in Europe too. That would be awesome.

15. November 2014


Hello my Dears,

Today Koda Kumi has performed at UNIVERSAL STUDIO for her Xmas Live.

Here is the Tracklist:
03.Shake It Up
06.Megumi no Hito
07. Koi no Tsubomi
08. Someday
10. Dreaming Now!
13. Poppin' love cocktail
14. WIND
15.Lady Go!

I really hope it's coming on her upcoming album like Dream Music Park on DejaVu.
I REALLY WANT IT!!!! It's an aweseome tracklist!

Information and picture are from Koda Kumi Italian Fan Club.

14. November 2014

ayumi hamasaki Bea'sUP Interview

Hey my Dears

Today I read an article about the Interview at the latest Bea'sUP, where Ayu is the Covergirl.
It's about her private life and her husband.

This article is from Jpopasia.com

"In an interview with "bea’s up" magazine, Ayumi Hamasaki discussed her feelings regarding being newly married and potentially having children.

When asked if she had any plans to have children, she told the magazine that she does not.

"My true feelings are that I am not going to suddenly spring out children. My number one priority is still singing," she said.

On March 3, 2014, Ayu announced that she was married to a 25 year old American non-celebrity. The magazine asked her what married life was like with her new husband.

"There have been a lot of moments lately when I realize 'Oh, we're a family!'. They say that when you spend a long time with a lover or a pet you begin to resemble each other, but now I think I actually realize that," she said.

On her days off, the singer enjoys spending quiet days in with her husband watching DVDs and relaxing.

Hamasaki is currently in the studio working on a winter ballad trilogy titled "Zutto… / Last minute / Walk". The triple A-side single is set to be released on December 24."

Now it's an article from aramajapan.com

"In an interview with ‘bea’s up’ magazine where she is the cover girl for their December issue, Ayumi references to her private life with her American husband who she married in March of this year. She says “Recently there have been moments when I have realized ‘oh we are a family!’ They say that when you spend a long time with a lover or a pet you begin to resemble each other, but now I think I actually realize that.”

On their days off, Ayumi and her husband watch DVDs in the home together and share happy moments. But when asked about her plans for childbirth, Ayumi stated “My true feelings are that I am not going to suddenly spring out children. My number one priority is still singing.”

For the magazine cover, Ayumi Hamasaki is said to be wrapped in a pure white fur coat for a feeling of Christmas. With wearing both a one shoulder ‘Lady Luck’ dress and a long dress which opens loosely at the back, in the magazine she is to ‘display her eternal beauty freely.’"

11. November 2014

『ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 A(ロゴ) Cirque de Minuit ~真夜中のサーカス~』 LOGO

Hey my Dears

Today ayu showed us her Logo for her upcoming COUNTDOWN LIVE!!!
I was very excited when she asked her fans on Twitter of the owner of this fanmade logo.
It's really cool and it looks like a Casino theme.
And that is what Ayu does with her Team.

I LOVE IT! And I'm really curious about the theme of her upcoming album. I hope it's a Casino themed album. But at first I really want the new Single~

8. November 2014

Bea'sUP December 2014 Ayumi Hamasaki

Hello my Dears

Today, when I woke up, I saw a picture in my timeline on Facebook. It's a the cover of the upcoming Bea'sUP issue.
It reminds me of the Bea'sUp cover of January 2010. It has the same style in my opinion. But I like it. I'm really curiouse about the magazine and the upcoming single (*^*)

More information are coming.

6. November 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki New Single「Zutto... / Last minute / Walk」coming Xmas

I'm so happy about that news~
I knew that ayu will release a new Single and now we know the titel and the release date.

The title will be「Zutto... / Last minute / Walk」and is coming out on December 24th, 2014.

It looks like there will not be released a CD+DVD version of the Single. I'm really curious how the songs will be.
I hope it sounds something like christmas and a bit like BALLAD and maybe there will be rock ballad. I'm very happy and I WILL BUY THE SINGLE!

31. Oktober 2014

Happy Halloween

I wish you all a Happy Halloween

Today I go to a Crime Dinner with friends. It's about the Brother Grimm fairytales.
The seven dwarfs were killed and we all have to find out who killed them. I am the evil Queen :D
My honey is Red Riding Hood ^-^ she looks soooo sexy.