23. Januar 2015

Rearranging the apartment

Hey Cuties
This is a personal post today, cause I want to rearrange my apartment.
The problem is just I don't know how. 
You have to know, I only have 2 rooms and a bathroom. My kitchen is with in the living room, so I can't rearrange that much. I can't rearrange the kitchen and I want to seperate the living room and the kitchen. So I need new furniture. But HOW ( ؕؔʘ̥̥̥̥ ه ؔؕʘ̥̥̥̥ )?
I need some ideas. But I guess I have a idea for that.
For my sleeping room I get a selfmade bed from my father. He said I will never need a new bed lol.
I will show pictures if I'm finish with the rearranging. Maybe I colore my walls too. But in the first place I need more shelves lol.

14. Januar 2015

Koda Kumi new album Walk of my Life

Hello Cuties
The last days I told you about the rumors about Koda Kumis upcoming album. 
Now it's official~
I want to buy the CD+DVD/Booklet Edition. Maybe later I buy the edition with the best cover too. For the FC Version, will be come more information.
I'm so happy about the news and I'm really excited about it *-* How will the album be? Will there be some private photos?

Source: Koda Kumi Italian Fan Club on Facebook

EDIT: not official
01. TBA
02. Dance In The Dark
03. The Journey
06. TBA
07. Delicious
08. TBA
09. TBA
10. Perfect Beat
11. TBA
12. Black Light
13. Limitless
14. TBA
15. END

Source Koda Kumi - America on Facebook

13. Januar 2015

Koda Kumi new Album RUMOR II

Hello Cuties
Today I got some new rumors about Koda Kumis new album ;) 
All information are from Koda Kumi 『French fans page』on Facebook.

"‪#‎Rumor‬: New informations just appeared today about the '15th anniversary album'. 4 differents versions including Fanclub edition would be expected! References and their prices have even been revealed: RZCD-59745 → ¥ 3,900 円 (tax out), RZCD-59746 → ¥ 4,600 円 (tax out), RZCD-59747 → ¥ 3,000 円 (tax out) and RZCD- 59748 (FC Edition). We should have (official) informations by Kumi on the Koda Gumi International on the following days to find out if this is true."

It sounds like the FC Edition will come out as a CD only version. It's interessting, cause there is no special like a Live Concert or something. Or there is no price for the FC Edition.
I'm really curious how the album will be. Since I have a PlayStation3, I now can choose wich edition I want <3 I will take the edition with the better looking cover~
I hope it's the CD+DVD edition, cause it's not that expensive XD

10. Januar 2015

ayumi hamasaki LOVE CLASSICS//Koda Kumi new album RUMOR!

Hello my Sweethears
Today I got some great new.

Ayumi Hamasaki released the Cover vor her new classic album "Love Classics". It's a drawn version of her latest single "zutto.../last minute/Walk". It's covered with flowers and looks really beautiful. I'm a bit sad, cause it's a again a reuse of a cover. I wished of something like the Cover of "MY STORY classical". Just a one coloured Cover and an ayu A.
But that way, I really LOVE this cover *-*
You can hear "Voyage" from the album, if you click >>here<<.

Now we got a rumor about Koda Kumi. It says:
"‪#‎Rumor‬: Finally, some news about Koda Kumi's new album!! There are a large new rumor right now on the web but this has NOT been officially confirmed yet: The 15th anniversary album (or Kumi's 12th album) and #BonVoyage's successor should be called "Walk Of My Life" and should be released on next March 4th." Source is Koda Kumi『French fans page』on Facebook.
If it's like that, I guess the album will be awesome *-* I really like the title, cause It says a lot about her career. Maybe the cover will be something private. Something about Kumi herself. Something very special. THAT would be awesome.
Stay tuned for more information ;)

8. Januar 2015

Katy Perry new Killer Queen Fragrance "Spring Reign"

Hello Cuties
It's me again :D
I found something really good for every Katy Perry Fan. She released a new Killer Queen fragrence "Spring Reign".
It's her fourth Killer Queen fragrence after Killer Queen, Oh So Sheer and Royal Revolution.
I'm curious about the smell. But I guess it's something bloomy that makes me remember of the last spring ;)
I really like the poster. I also hope I can buy it in Germany too not like Oh So Sheer. I really want it.

Last Day Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Today is the last day of the Disney challenge. I have to say, it was really funny to do that. But unfortunatly I can't really answer the last 2 questions. I'm really sorry for that. But I didn't had the pleasure to go to a Disney Park (┳Д┳).

Day 30 - Your favorite theme park show

As I said befor, I can't give you an answer.
But someday, when I do this challenge again, maybe I can answer the last to challenges ;)

For all of you, who are a AyuFan and a TeamAyu Member, you can buy the COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 Goodies on mu-mo.
A friend of mine bought me the blanket *-* I'm really happy about that.
I tell you more and show photos, if it's there.

7. Januar 2015

Day 29 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties

Day 29 - Your favorite theme attraction
XD I really don't know how I could choose one attraction. I guess only by seeing the attractions in the internet I can't say, wich is my favorite. So someday I will test them and maybe I do the challenge again ;)
Tomorrow is my last day of the challenge, and I'm scared that I maybe can't answer the question as well.
Okay I will take a look on YouTube ;) And than I can say something about it :D

6. Januar 2015

Day 28 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties

Except this day, it's only 2 days till the challenge ended ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━
Day 28 - Your favorite theme park
Unfortunatlly I've to say I wasn't ever at a theme park 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。
But someday I will go to Disneyland Resort Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort.
I want to see the Cinderella Castle in Paris *-* It's one of my dreams since I was a little girl.

5. Januar 2015

Day 27 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Today is day 27 of the Disney Challenge. That means 3 days left :D

Day 27 - Your favorite quote
It's from Mushu from Mulan. You all know it :)

"Dragon! DRAGON! Not lizard. I do not do this tounge thing."

4. Januar 2015

Day 26 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Day 26 of the Disney Challenge is there and here we go.

Day 26 - Saddest death
I only can show you my choice. 

3. Januar 2015

Day 25 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Today is day 25 of the Disney Challenge.

Day 25 - Your favorite scene from your favorite movie
It's definitly "colours of the wind" from "Pocahontas".
But you know me now. I chose the german version of the song.
The singer is Alexandra Wilcke well known german Disney singer. She spoke/sang the grown up Nala from Lion King. I really love her voice.
At the video you can see the german lyrics. 

2. Januar 2015

Day 24 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Today it's day 24 of the Disney Challenge. Five days left ;)

Day 24 - A movie that makes you cry
Lion King.
The first time I cry is the beginning with the music, when every animal goes to the lions. The second time is when Mufasa dies T^T and so on. 

1. Januar 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR // Day 23 Disney Challenge

I hope you got a beautiful start in the new year with your friends and family.

Day 23 Disney Challenge

Day 23 - A movie that makes you laugh
It's 'The Emperor's New Groove' is one of the funniest Disney movies I know.
What is the funniest movie you know?