30. Dezember 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki National Tour confirmed // Disney Challenge Days 20 and 21

Hey Cuties
Ayumi Hamasaki confirmed that the next national Tour will be the same as her CountDown Live 2014-2015. I think it will be an awesome conert Tour :D
These are the Tourdates. So ayu is doing a concert tour in spring. I want to watch it and I want to know the setlist of the concert tour. Maybe it's the same show like her CountDown Live 2014-2015. I'm really curious about it.

And now the yesterday and today of the Disney Challenege =)

Day 20 - Favorite sequel
It's definitly "Lion King 2 - Simbas Pride". I would say the songs are better, than in "Lion King".

Day 21 - An overrated movie
A movie for me I can't understand why it's so 'awesome' is "Toy Story". "Toy Story 2" and "Toy Story 3" as well.

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