28. Dezember 2014

Day 19 Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties

Today I was at the cinema with my dad and his best friend. We did watch Ridley Scott's newest movie 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'. It's about the second book Moses. It's really impressive.

Now it's day 19 of the Challenge =)
Day 19 - Your least favorite Pixar movie

I guess it's Monster, Inc. Cause I like it, but it's not that important for me.
I can watch it twice a year xD
I want to pet Sulley, because he's so fluffy <3
Tomorrow I will drive home...yay 4hours fun at the streets ._. not
But than I'm finally home ^^ And I can test my new PlayStation3 *-*
Maybe I can't write tomorrow :/ But I will try it. If I can't, I will write the day after tomorrow both days, tomorrow and day 21 ^^

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