24. Dezember 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Day 15 Disney Challenge

I wish you all a wonderful day with your family. I hope you got a lot of presents ;)
I was really happy to be together with my grandma and my father. And I got the presents I wished for.
I got a PlayStation3, the gem trilogy by Kerstin Gier and a leggings for my Yoga lessons ^-^.
That's one of the best christmas eve's since my birth *^* no kidding ;) 
I love to get presents and I'm always happy about them :D
What did you get for christmas?

Day 15 of the Disney Challenge. That means I reached the half \(^o^)/

Day 15 - The first movie you saw.
Oh thats hard to say. I guess it was Lion King but could be also Sleeping Beauty. I'm not really sure.

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