26. November 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki new Classical Album announced

Hey my Dears,

Today I got some news from ayumi hamasaki :D
She will release a new Classic Album in January 2015. I'm so excited and happy about the news.

There is no titel and no tracklist, but a release date.
I have a translation from our famous forum AHS.

"After one year from the release of the classical album "a classical", released on january 2013, it has been decided to release a new classical album!
Packed with lots of LOVE, this is the elegant and cute very early present from ayu for valentine's day.

A mash-up of Hamasaki Ayumi's love songs and classic famous pieces, a sweet, elegant, gorgeous and cute classical mash-up album.
By meeting the musical performance of the members of an orchestra who performs at major classical concerts, the carefully selected classical, famous pieces by Hamasaki Ayumi give off a new charm.
With the ballad single announced for the 24/12, "Zutto.../ Last Minute / Walk", and while building up the expectations for the countdown live which will firmly close 2014, let's anticipate the ayu of 2015!!

CD "Title undecided"
release on 28th January 2015
Price: 3,000 yen (tax excluded)

A total of 10 songs estimated."

I'm really curious about the songs she will take for this classical album.


  1. Hui, die Ankündigung ist irgendwie voll an mir vorbei gegangen. Da bin ich aber auch schon gespannt, welche Titel dabei sein werden. ^^

    1. Ich bin auch schon total gespannt, wie das Konzept wird :)
      Ich hoffe aber auch, das trotzdem nächstes Jahr ein neues Studioalbum erscheinen wird^^