23. Dezember 2014

Days 13 and 14 Disney Challenge

Hey Cuties
I'm really sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was on a trip for christmas and it did take the whole day.
But now I am by my granny :) Santa can come and give us some presents xD

Day 13 - Your least favorite Song
I don't really know which is my least favorite song ://
But I guess it's 'I just can't wait to be king' from Lion King. The often you hear it, the more you don't like it. I guess it's kinda like that. I even can't hear it often in german xD 

Day 14 - Your favorite kiss.
ehm...yeah you know....I really like the Disney movies and the most of them are my favorite ones. But I can't find the best kiss *lol*
Maybe it's the wake up kiss from Prince Philip to Aurora. The other ones are to love drunken for me. They are to 'mainstream' *lol*

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