8. Juli 2015

Some new Stuff

Today I got a package with some pretty things in it ;)
It's a Koda Kumi album and a single also and two Ayumi Hamasaki singles I was looking for a long time. Because they're really rare these days.
I'm so happy to get Japonesque from Koda Kumi as the CD+2DVD in the first press edition (*-*) It's in a big package and really beautiful. The Koda Kumi single is Koi no Tsubomi in the CD only edition. 
And the both Ayumi Hamasaki singles are MOON/blossom and crossroad. Both are in the CD+DVD Version. And I got a poster with the MOON/blossom Cover without font. It's really beautiful.
Next days I will get some more packages with some more stuff from Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi and my very first single from the Idol Band AKB48 :3

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