21. Juli 2015

It seems I got new stuff the whole month xD

This month I got a lot of packages. 
I feel like it's christmas and all the presents are just for me :D
Saturday I got some Koda Kumi CDs I didn't owe. And some CDs I do owe but I use them as presents for my friends (*^^*)
The next package is something from eBay. It's a tour pamphlet from ayumi hamasaki Arena Tour 2009 ~Next Level~. 
The CDs I owe now are two albums and two singles.
Koda Kumi secret CD+DVD First Press
Koda Kumi flower CD only
Koda Kumi Alive/Physical thing CD+DVD First Press
Tour Pamphlet ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~Next Level~

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