5. Juli 2015

News from ayu

Hello guys
Today ayu wrote a new TeamAyu entry before the last show of her Arena Tour began.

"The Beginning of the End
2015-07-05 14:09(JST) | ayu
Is the beginning of the end...
The end that has to come, having begun.
All the bad things... The unforgivable things... The past that can't be rewritten...
Last year, I left Japan to escape from all of that.
Then I returned from L.A. with a new sense of purpose, and began the Midnight Circus at last year's Countdown Live.
You all showed me what it is I have to do.
And now 8 months have passed...
To all T.A members at the venue, and all those who aren't...
Please, stay with me till the last moment. Keep holding my hand.
All together.
I have an announcement for you during the M.C. corner."

Yesterday a german ayufan was at the concert and heared at the MC part ayu telling about the circus theme would be awesome for a world tour. So when this message came from ayu I was like "OMG Will she really do a world tour???"
But it wasn't. Later I saw some other entrys from fans of the last show.
Ayus big announcement during the MC part was nothing else than the announcement about a TeamAyu Live Concert in September, October and November.
I really hoped for a world tour, but I'm also happy for the TeamAyu member :)
Someday I will join TeamAyu and will have the chance to get a ticket.

Some other wrote something about a Hall Tour in autumn. This will be possible too and would be awesome.

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