7. Juli 2015

~Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary Premium Live~

Today I read some great news (*-*) I'm so happy that I can't wait to tell you.
The news came up last month, but not to late to celebrate them.
I knew about Koda Kumi celebrating her 15th anniversary this summer at a-nation island 2015. But I didn't know that she will have some special guests on stage (*-*)

"A live event produced by Koda Kumi, called "~Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary Premium Live~", will be held on August 2 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

This will be part of the entertainment event "a-nation island", which will be held from July 31 to August 6, to commemorate Koda's 15th anniversary. The first lineup of artists include Sean Paul, AK-69, Blistah, TEEDA, and DJ HASEBE. More artists will be revealed at a later date."

The news are, as I said, from last month so maybe some more news have been updated. But I don't can find them now.
I'm so happy to see Koda Kumi with Sean Paul live on stage for my favorite song from her album Bon Voyage "LOADED"!!!!
That will be a really awesome show and I hope it will come as a seperate DVD in stores like her concerts. I will definitely buy it (*-*)

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