13. Juli 2015

Some new Stuff again XD

Today I got two packages, filled with J-Pop \(^o^)/
At the first package I got my very first AKB48 Single. I told you days before =)
The single is called Kaze wa Fuiteiru. It's the Type B of totally 3 editions of the single. You get a DVD with Type A and B. And with the Theatre Edition you get another second track than Type A and B.
It's a really good song, I really like it =) And I'm happy to have it now in my J-Pop collection (*^^*)

The second thing in the first package was Koda Kumi Live second session 2006-2007 first press.
As you can see it comes with a slipcase and another cover for the first press edition.
I do have to watch it. 

Later that day I recieved my second package. 
It was really precious and rar.
It's the cover of the box. I do love this picture (*-*) It's from the stadium tour 2002.
The stadium tour 2002 is included in this box.
Included with the box are the live DVDs CountDown Live 2001-2002, Arene Tour 2002 and Stadium Tour 2002. 
You got a ticket, where you can get the fourth live DVD CountDown Live 2002-2003. I've that ticket :D But unfortunately I missed the last date to get the DVD (T_T) It was in the year 2003...so I missed it of course XD
Now I have four DVDs to watch ;)
see you later \(^-^)

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