8. Januar 2015

Last Day Disney Challenge

Hello Cuties
Today is the last day of the Disney challenge. I have to say, it was really funny to do that. But unfortunatly I can't really answer the last 2 questions. I'm really sorry for that. But I didn't had the pleasure to go to a Disney Park (┳Д┳).

Day 30 - Your favorite theme park show

As I said befor, I can't give you an answer.
But someday, when I do this challenge again, maybe I can answer the last to challenges ;)

For all of you, who are a AyuFan and a TeamAyu Member, you can buy the COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 Goodies on mu-mo.
A friend of mine bought me the blanket *-* I'm really happy about that.
I tell you more and show photos, if it's there.

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