10. Januar 2015

ayumi hamasaki LOVE CLASSICS//Koda Kumi new album RUMOR!

Hello my Sweethears
Today I got some great new.

Ayumi Hamasaki released the Cover vor her new classic album "Love Classics". It's a drawn version of her latest single "zutto.../last minute/Walk". It's covered with flowers and looks really beautiful. I'm a bit sad, cause it's a again a reuse of a cover. I wished of something like the Cover of "MY STORY classical". Just a one coloured Cover and an ayu A.
But that way, I really LOVE this cover *-*
You can hear "Voyage" from the album, if you click >>here<<.

Now we got a rumor about Koda Kumi. It says:
"‪#‎Rumor‬: Finally, some news about Koda Kumi's new album!! There are a large new rumor right now on the web but this has NOT been officially confirmed yet: The 15th anniversary album (or Kumi's 12th album) and #BonVoyage's successor should be called "Walk Of My Life" and should be released on next March 4th." Source is Koda Kumi『French fans page』on Facebook.
If it's like that, I guess the album will be awesome *-* I really like the title, cause It says a lot about her career. Maybe the cover will be something private. Something about Kumi herself. Something very special. THAT would be awesome.
Stay tuned for more information ;)

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