14. Januar 2015

Koda Kumi new album Walk of my Life

Hello Cuties
The last days I told you about the rumors about Koda Kumis upcoming album. 
Now it's official~
I want to buy the CD+DVD/Booklet Edition. Maybe later I buy the edition with the best cover too. For the FC Version, will be come more information.
I'm so happy about the news and I'm really excited about it *-* How will the album be? Will there be some private photos?

Source: Koda Kumi Italian Fan Club on Facebook

EDIT: not official
01. TBA
02. Dance In The Dark
03. The Journey
06. TBA
07. Delicious
08. TBA
09. TBA
10. Perfect Beat
11. TBA
12. Black Light
13. Limitless
14. TBA
15. END

Source Koda Kumi - America on Facebook

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  1. Ich freue mich auch schon so seeeeeehr x.x.... Das wird für mich wieder ne lange Zeit des wartens hahahahah