13. Januar 2015

Koda Kumi new Album RUMOR II

Hello Cuties
Today I got some new rumors about Koda Kumis new album ;) 
All information are from Koda Kumi 『French fans page』on Facebook.

"‪#‎Rumor‬: New informations just appeared today about the '15th anniversary album'. 4 differents versions including Fanclub edition would be expected! References and their prices have even been revealed: RZCD-59745 → ¥ 3,900 円 (tax out), RZCD-59746 → ¥ 4,600 円 (tax out), RZCD-59747 → ¥ 3,000 円 (tax out) and RZCD- 59748 (FC Edition). We should have (official) informations by Kumi on the Koda Gumi International on the following days to find out if this is true."

It sounds like the FC Edition will come out as a CD only version. It's interessting, cause there is no special like a Live Concert or something. Or there is no price for the FC Edition.
I'm really curious how the album will be. Since I have a PlayStation3, I now can choose wich edition I want <3 I will take the edition with the better looking cover~
I hope it's the CD+DVD edition, cause it's not that expensive XD

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