8. Mai 2015

New things~ Part II

What's UP~?

Today I got a new Package from a german store, who sells J-Music stuff. It's called me-shop.
Most of the stuff I buy at me-shop is second hand. The owner calls it "recycle". It's cheaper than his usuall stuff. 

I got a Tour DVD from Koda Kumi and her first best of album. Both are the first press edition of them. So I'm really happy about that. And both were recycle. And I paid less than usual. Thats makes me more happy ;)
Both, the Tour DVD and the best of album, are in a slipcase. The best of album has a photobook as an extra and both have an extra cover as a first press version. The regulare covers are on the slipcases.

The last thing I got is a japanese magazine called Zipper. It had an extra. A big mirror from a famous japanese brand. 
I really like this magazine. It's different from other ones like egg or Ranzuki. The models are more natural. But the extras are alike.
I wanted a mirror like this one, since I know they exist LOL. And now I've finally got one YAY \(^o^)/

I felt like christmas eve this week. I've got so much. And everything of it makes me happy.

See you next post~

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  1. Ahh I really need a cute mirror like this one with the Zipper mag. Nice buys!

    { sparklesideup.com }