4. Mai 2015

Haribo "Waldgeister" Review

Today I want to write a review about a new product from Haribo.

In Germany it's called "Walsgeister" in english I would call it "Forest Spirits".
Everyone in Germany knows Haribo and the "Goldbären" (Gold-Bears). But how about the foreign countrys? Did you know Haribo?
Haribo is a constellation from Hans Riegel from Bonn (a german City and the capital of West Germany till 1990). So everyone could keep this name.

Haribo Waldgeister is a new product from this year. And it was the first time I saw them in the supermarket. Now I want to show you them and taste them.
Content: 200 gram 
Falvour Type: artificial woodruff and raspberry

They're really cute as friendliy ghosts. The rapsberry ghost looks kind and friendly, while the woodruff ghost looks like a good friend with his smile.

The smell of both is very strong after raspberry and woodruff. But I think the smell of rapsberry is stronger.
Now I want to taste them ;)
Raspberry: it's dente and surprise it does taste like real raspberry =D
Woodruff: it's dente too and the woodruff tast is in the aftertaste. But it's better like this so I have more of the taste.

I can surely recommend this Haribo product. I hope Haribo let them in the catalogue, so everybody can buy them :D


  1. I love Haribo and the fact that there is a crazy amount of varieties! These look super cute, I would have them for Halloween. I want to go to the Haribo factory one day (or maybe it's just a big store, I don't remember, near Bonn?)

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. Hello.
      Thank you for your sweet comment :)
      I guess it's a factory near Bonn or in Bonn. I've never been there either.
      I know you can buy there every kind of Haribo Gummis and I guess you can mix them like you want.
      One day I will be shop there too.