6. Mai 2015

my new things~

I've got a lot of stuff the last days. 
First I got a Christmas and Easter present from my best friend. It's a big present, that's why I got one for both days.
It's the Koda Kumi Live DVD Singles Best Ao Ban. The last Version I needed. I got Koda Kumi Live DVD Singles Best Aka Ban months ago. So I'm really happy about this~
Today I got a package from a friend and an ayumi hamasaki fan.
She sended me a remix album of ayumi hamasaki. The last version of ayu-mi-x II I missed ;)
I'm so happy. Now I've all four versions of ayu-mi-x II. And now I've all puzzle pieces of the first press version of the remix albums. I really like it.
The second CD I got is yu-yu's Single Namonaki Hana no You ni. The best thing of it, it's autographed with my name *-*
The songs are so beautiful and yu-yu has such an awesome voice. And there is an english version of the song of it. So I can understand the lyrics ;) That's really cool.
I'm so happy, when I will get my second CD from yu-yu ^-^

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