24. Juni 2014

Nakashima Mika × Kato Miliyah Fighter/Gift Preview

Single: Fighter/Gift (Mika less)
Künstler: Nakashima Mika × Kato Miliyah
Release: 04.06.2014


01. Fighter
02. Fighter (Tachytelic World Cup Brazil 2014 Remix)
03. Gift
04. Fighter (Mika LESS)
05. Fighter (Instrumental)

01. Fighter (Music Video)
02. Gift (Music Video)



The Songs

Fighter sounds really powerful. It sounds like two women have to be very strong. Be strong to have to deal with something.
In my opinion Miliyah has the more powerful voice, while Mika sounds really like a girl. Both together sounds like they did nothing other.

Fighter (Tachytelic World Cup Brazil 2014 Remix)
The sound of the Remix is more happy. I really like this song, cause Mika and Miliyah sing in english. At the first, you don't hear it's in english, but with help of the lyrics you will understand. I really like it. And it's really cute of them to sing the song for the Samurai Blue in english.

I really like the idea of a second song singing together. I know collaboration singles, where one singer has another song on the single. And it's a really happy world song. I don't really know the lyrics, but it sounds positiv. I have a good feeling while I hear this song.

Fighter (Mika LESS)
I'm really in love with the voice of Miliyah, but alone with this song it doesn't sound really good. Something is missing, because Miliyah songs only her parts. Everything that Mika sings is missing. It doesn't sound really good. But I really love the song Fighter.


I will give ★★★★☆ cause I miss something in the Mika less version.

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