4. Februar 2016

New Koda Kumi Stuff I'm really really happy~

Hey Guys,
this year is just amazing. Got a lot of Koda Kumi stuff and will get some awesome ayumi hamasaki stuff too~
But first I wanna show you my new stuff
That is what I got on monday *_*
I thought I just get the Blu-Ray, the bandana and the poster on the right. BUT I got the Bon Voyage clearfile as an extra *-*
I love everything from the Bon Voyage concept of Koda Kumi.
And I got the Best Live History DVD Book.
I was so happy to get the DVD but I was very disappointed. I thought it will be like the 10th anniversary DVD book or the ao ban and aka ban DVD books. But it wasn't. Now I've all four DVD books and I'm really happy to have them :D

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