11. Februar 2016

ayumi hamasaki in London

On Febuary 9th, ayumi herself gave us hints that she will be flying somewhere. She asked us what will be her destination. Every fan hoped for the own country. So I hoped myself for Germany but Europe in general.
 Yesterday ayu showed us whats her destination. IT'S LONDON again.
Unfortunately she didn't tell us why she is on London. But all fans hope for a new album like Rock'n'Roll Circus and Party Queen, which where recorded in London as well. 
If she really is recording a new album in London, I hope she will shoot the cover and the PVs in London as well. 
I hope some fans will have the chance to meet her and take some photos. And I hope ayu will show us some photos too.
My biggest wish is to get a super album like Rock'n'Roll Circus and Party Queen with the London flair in the album. That would be the best for me.

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