17. Januar 2016

New Stuff~

New Year new Stuff :D
I'm so happy~ Got some Popteens and a PopSister and a new CD. It's from alan. She is a tibetian chinese singer. I foud her first japanese album on ebay. In the first press version with DVD. On the first press version is one song more than usall. It's a song written by alan herself, with an extra video and a mini Photobook. It's really cute. And it's like a best of album, cause there are all songs on it, which was released till the release date of the album.
I really like it. And I'm really happy to have it now~
Next I got 6 japanese fashion magazines. Five PopTeens and the first PopSister.
This is the first PopSister with Milky Bunny on the cover. Because the model was one of the first models of the main magazine PopTeen. In the magazine you can see a making of of Milky Bunnys first single "Bunny Days". It's really cute
Now I show you just four PopTeens because I got one in double. It's a PopTeen with another Milky Bunny/Masuwaka Tsubasa cover with a light blue background. Really cute. You can find it under collection and other.
I really love the covers. I didn't know which magazines I get, so I was really exciting. And I wasn't disappointed. I'm really happy cause they're all so cute and beautiful. 

I hope my next packages will come soon. Two are with Koda Kumi DVDs and one with an TeamAyu limited Boxset of Colours album. 
The one Koda Kumi DVD was really a bargain. So I did must buy it. I was looking for it a long time and always I saw it it was too expensive. So now I got it for less then 11€ with shipping \o/
I will show you everything new when it's here~

See you next time!

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