25. Juni 2015

I'm so mad

Today I want to say something about a topic that makes me really angry.

Yesterday a german TV Channel wanted to send some interessting shows about Ramadan. To open doors for more understanding between christians and muslims. Beside the channel logo were standing "Ramadan" and a halfmoon.  So it was nothing bad about it. The TV Channel said it was to show the documentarys about Ramadan and Islam. It means, while other shows on the channel it will be gone.

On Facebook there were so many people with one opinion. All muslims are the same. They wear a burka and have bombs under them. I HATE THIS!!!
The real muslims are very nice people with hospitality I never saw in Germany.

If someone says "No...why didn't you let it like it was with the Ramadan?" all the one-view people come and preach something about "We have to be german. No other people can come and live here."
I mean...the last time I heard that kind of phrases was befor 1945.
I asked the TV Channel why they react just for the negativ comments. They told me that they mention all comments. But they had to react. So I asked they again "But why you don't ignore them?" They answered me "Because we focus on the topic. And these are the documentary."
For me the conversation was ended. But not for the one-view people. I really think they're really racist. But they told me I'm just a selfnamed innocent combatant. Because I have no clue and can't read any news.

I really gave up on this conversation, but I really hate it if people say only bad things about something they don't know the whole truth.
I've not that much muslim friends, but I DO have them. They live like me and eat what I eat. The only difference between us: they have a religion.

I wanted to say that to you because I think it's a very important topic for all of us.
All of us hate racist people. 

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  1. Yes, it's sad, but impossible to escape these types of racist people :-( Hopefully they will learn.

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