27. Juni 2015

Ayumi Hamasaki on german TV \o/

I'm kinda happy now. You wanna know why?
Because they showed Ayumi Hamasaki in a music show.
It's a show about music videos of the last 40 years. Today they showed the best music videos since 1999 and showed us some very expensive music videos like Madonnas "die another day".
And after that they mentioned Ayumi Hamasaki, who comes from Japan and showed some covers of her releases.
Rock'n'Roll Circus Album
STEP you/is this LOVE? Single with my name's WOMEN music video
fairyland Single
                                      In the show they said that after Janet Jackson and Madonna no other artist was expensiv like them. And in the Top 10 with the most expensiv music videos Ayumi Hamasaki takes the places 4 to 6. And than they played "my names WOMEN" in the background.
My fangirl heart was happy and I was happy and had to rewatch it in the internet. So I could take these pictures. 
And of course I owe this 3 CDs ;) As a fan I needed them since I they're released.

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