15. Juli 2014

Koda Kumi official Tracklist of her new Single「HOTEL」

Hey guys
Today I want to show you the official tracklist of the new single「HOTEL」of Koda Kumi.

I heard some previews of the songs, but I think I only like「HOTEL」. This single isn't one of my favourite.

01. Introduction 〜Check IN〜
03. Interlude 〜Secret Room〜
04. Money In My Bag
05. Interlude 〜Last Night Dream〜
06. Turn Around
01. HOTEL (Music Video)
02. HOTEL (Making Video)
03. Money In My Bag (Spot)
【DVD (Koda Gumi / Playroom)】
01. Money In My Bag (Music Video)
02. Money In My Bag (Making Video)
03. HOTEL (Spot)

For all Fanclub members you can get with the first press edition a uchiwa or a poster.

I wish I could get the uchiwa. It really looks great.

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