21. Juli 2014

Ayus Summer Time and Koda-Reki \(^o^)/

Today my new things from Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi arrived. I bought them on eBay *-* 

I bought the ViVi August 2006 with the Ayumi Hamasaki Shoot "Summer Time from Ayu". I took some photos and I wanna show them to you.

In the ViVi is an article about the MTV VMAJ 2006 and the first article I saw about Miliyah Kato before I know her. I mean, I know her since her song "Why?" from her album "Heaven. So it's after the year 2006 ^-^
 My honey is a huge fan of Nana from Ai Yazawa. So she was really happy to see an article about Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia.
As an extra there were a nail mag in it. It has the most wanted nails in the summer 2006.

As a big surprise Koda-Reki is really a small book lol.
 I hope everyone can see the print of the Cover :)
 A message from Kumi for all her Fans.
And some childhood photos with and without her little sister Misono.

The next thing I bought is the Popteen September 2005 :) I'm really excited to see the shoot ^-^
You will be the first who will see this ;)

じゃ ね

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