17. Oktober 2015

Presents :D

Hello everyone
Long time no see. Last week I had my birthday. Got a lot of presents =) And I forgot to take pictures of all presents >.<
But here are some of them :)

These are some of my presents I got on my birthday and the day we had the party :)
The shirt at the last picture is just made for me :D It's an ayupanda. Like my nickname :D

Two days after my birthday I had a small party and a little accident. I stood up and my kneecap was dislocated. It was very painful and I can't recommend this. I went to the ER and they told me I should rest. So now....I rest ;)

I'm very happy about the Katy Perry album Prism. It's the japanese edition with an extra DVD. And ayumi hamasaki sixxxxxx mini album. I got so much sweets :D It was a really awesome birthday.

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